Summer Reading: Why Children Can Benefit from Reading over the Holidays

Summers in Malta are long, and there’s plenty of time to plan fun activities that give children and parents a well-deserved break. The summer holidays are a time for rest, recreation, and adventure, but it’s also an excellent opportunity for parents and caregivers to encourage one of the most enriching activities for young minds: reading.

While reading may seem like ‘homework’ to some children over the summer holidays, it can actually help them enjoy the summer more and make them feel more prepared for the upcoming academic year. Plus, it’s a great way to start important conversations as a family by discussing the stories that a child is engaged in.

Remember, there’s no pressure to read all the books on your summer reading list. Even one book is better than none, and it’s never too late to start cultivating a new habit!

In this blog post, we explore why reading can be one of the best hobbies that your child can pick up this summer.

  1. Reading expands the imagination

Fictional stories have the power to transport children to enchanting worlds, helping them develop their imagination in ways that other activities can’t. Through reading, children are encouraged to let their creativity flourish as they visualise the characters and settings described in the stories.

2. Reading helps build vocabulary

Through reading, children are consistently exposed to new words and phrases, broadening their vocabulary and enhancing language comprehension. This linguistic growth not only helps in academic settings but also boosts their confidence in expressing themselves effectively.

3. Reading puts education into practice

Reading over the summer can help boost a child’s academic experience and avoid the ‘summer slide’ where students may lose some of their learning progress during the break. Engaging with stories, whether fictional or non-fictional, helps them retain critical skills and knowledge, setting a solid foundation for the upcoming school year.

4. Reading develops emotional intelligence

Through literature, children encounter characters facing diverse challenges and situations. As they empathise with these characters’ experiences, they develop emotional intelligence, understanding the feelings of others and developing a sense of compassion.

5. Reading improves concentration

Reading demands concentration and focus, which are valuable skills for school-aged children. Regular reading trains their minds to engage deeply with content and stay attentive for extended periods.

There are so many benefits to reading for children of all ages, and summer is the perfect time to nourish a child’s love for reading.

Trying digital books could help encourage your child to read more, and there are plenty of free resources available for school children in Malta.

Browse Octavo’s library of digital oBooks in English and Maltese here.

Happy Reading!

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