What are Interactive oBooks?

Child using laptop

Developing a love for reading is one of the most exciting parts of a child’s educational development, which opens them up to a new world of literary possibilities. From getting immersed in fantastic fictional stories to learning about the ways of the world with interesting non-fiction books, there are endless texts just waiting to be discovered.

With Octavo, the first digital reading platform with Maltese fonts, young readers can enjoy reading in a way that goes beyond the traditional format of text and images. Octavo’s interactive ‘oBooks’ make use of different elements to engage readers in a more dynamic and immersive reading experience. These interactive features can also help children to gain a deeper understanding of the text through educational exercises.

Through a diverse range of collections of educational oBooks, readers can experience a wide range of different interactive features while engaging with a story. These include:

Audio Content and Voice Self-recording:

Octavo uses audio to enhance the storytelling experience, giving readers the option to listen to different sections of their oBook being read out loud. This feature can also help readers to develop a better grasp of the pronunciation of different words. Readers can then record their own reading to practice the pronunciation themselves.

Quizzes and Assessments:

Through interactive questions and assessments embedded within the oBook, readers can test their own understanding of the content that they’re engaging with. This can also help teachers to understand their students’ progress, as results will show up on the individual’s reading profile which can be accessed by teachers assigned permission by their school.

Text Highlighting and Bookmarks:

While reading on Octavo, you can highlight text, add bookmarks or make annotations directly within the text.

Interactive digital books are particularly popular in educational materials, children’s books, and non-fiction genres where visual aids and engagement can enhance the learning experience. They leverage the capabilities of digital platforms to create a more dynamic and personalised reading journey for users.

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