The importance of reading

Reading offers one the opportunity to learn from the experiences that writers choose to share with their readers. Moreover, reading can be of great benefit for one’s health because it stimulates the brain and keeps Alzheimer’s disease and dementia at bay. It also improves memory and helps with concentration, which is a skill that is lacking today in the world of internet, Twitter and short online posts.

Both fiction and non-fiction texts can provide the reader with the necessary distraction from everyday life and problems that might crop up. Furthermore, reading reduces stress and provides some time for relaxation.

Above all, reading is an effective way of widening one’s knowledge and vocabulary. Reading also helps improve one’s writing skills, because one cannot be a good writer without reading other people’s work.

Octavo offers all of this, together with the convenience of having your library always with you, whether you’re at home, on the bus, abroad or by the sea. Octavo is the only digital reading platform that offers a wide selection of content in both Maltese and English.

Reading on Octavo is a different experience to reading a printed book, because you can change the font and the background to your liking. You can also buy books at any time wherever you may have access to the internet, straight from your smartphone, tablet or any other similar device that supports Android or through any Web browser. Octavo also offers an attractive interactive interface, which makes reading enjoyable.

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