Challenging history with technology

Who said that history is only about the past and old traditional techniques?
As all Maltese 11 to 13-year-old students in Malta learn about the history of Malta, such as Everyday life in the stone age, Octavo took on the challenge to leave its mark by being the first Digital platform to distribute History textbooks digitally in the classroom.

Starting late March, history books for all grade 7 and 8 in across Malta will be learning about Malta through a series of oBooks in English on Octavo.

How did this journey begin?

At the Malta book festival Octavo was calling publishers to visit us with any material to help and discuss further how one could publish their first oBook on Octavo. Prof. Yosanne Vella, an Associate professor for the faculty of education in Malta, was one of those who approached us.

Prof. Vella explained that traditional methods of printing were not always achievable because of the heavy cost that comes with it. In addition, the same content needed for education needs to be available in both the Maltese language and English. Apart from this, one of the reasons why education is starting to use alternatives to printing is children having to carry heavy books every day with them to school.

Joining forces

This is where we stepped in and offered a better, lighter solution. With the ability of the content creator of Octavo an oBook can very easily be created in different languages without having to design the oBook twice as one would have to do for print because of the way content blocks on Octavo work.

Octavo is proving again that the platform is ideal not just for reading but also for education, as it is allowing educators to share and distribute their content easier.

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