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Discover the new Jump! Collection on Octavo

If you’re looking for a way to get young readers excited about books, here’s your chance! The fun-packed Jump! collection has just been added to Octavo with over 145+ educational, levelled English oBooks waiting to be read.

This collection uses high-interest non-fiction topics to educate readers from grades PreK – 3. From beginner readers to newly-fluent ones, the collection covers a diverse range of subjects that young children will love to read!

About Jump!

The Jump! Library Information Text collection is bursting with fun, colourful and engaging non-fiction titles supported by picture glossaries and labelled diagrams to reinforce new vocabulary. Founded in 2012, Jump! Is on a mission to improve early literacy and encourage a lifelong love of learning in young readers. Jump! Believes that children’s lives can be enriched through literacy, by creating books that inspire curiosity and knowledge about the world we live in. The collection is diverse and inclusive and shows people of different ages, abilities, backgrounds and beliefs to encourage open-mindedness and empathy.

The oBooks from the Jump! on Octavo are divided into two categories: the Tadpole and Bullfrog collections.

oBooks from the Tadpole collection are best suited for students that are still learning to read. They provide the perfect introduction to non-fiction, using predictable and repetitive text patterns to facilitate the learning of new vocabulary. Tadpole texts are designed to support reading instruction using high-frequency and familiar content words, age-appropriate subjects and vibrant images. Look out for the ‘tadpole’ imprint to know which books belong to this category.

‘Fun First Concepts: Let’s Learn Word Families’ is one of the tadpole oBooks by Jump!

Bullfrog texts are designed for beginner readers between grades K–2. These titles are helpful for young readers to develop associations between the text and the real world. This is achieved by helping readers build vocabulary, identify topics and themes and use images to better understand a text. Look out for the ‘Bullfrog’ imprint to know which oBooks belong to this category.

‘Celebrating Differences: Different Families’ forms part of the Bullfrog oBooks from Jump!


To enable readers to perfect their pronunciation, readers can self-record themselves as they read on the Octavo web app. This can be done by clicking on the ‘start voice recording’ symbol next to each page of the Book!

Explore the new Jump! Collection on Octavo by clicking here, or log in to start reading.

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