5 oBooks to Explore the World for Elementary Readers

Explore countries, landscapes and cultures with these travel-themed oBooks

Travel books for children have the power to increase global awareness from a young age. Learning about the different countries and their unique cultures around the world can encourage a sense of curiosity among young readers, helping them expand their horizons and learn about the many wonders of the world.

With the summer months ahead of us, what better time to encourage children to read more? These 5 travel-themed oBooks will make the perfect summer read for elementary-level readers (CEFR: A2)

Discover the Natural Beauty of Indonesia


Have you ever wanted to visit Southeast Asia? This oBook will teach children all about the wonderful archipelago of Indonesia, its beaches, volcanic islands and wildlife! The oBook will also take you through the country’s interesting history and traditions, using vibrant imagery to narrate each story.

Exploring Europe

The Netherlands

Famous for their cycling culture and vibrant tulips, the Netherlands have a long history and intriguing culture that are just waiting to be explored! Settle down with this oBook to take a journey to this European country – you won’t be disappointed!

Journey to North Africa


Situated in Northern Africa, Morocco is a country known for its bright colours, flavourful food and bustling markets. Take a deeper look into the country’s culture and discover new insights about Morocco through this educational non-fiction oBook!

Next Stop: Mexico!

Next Stop: Mexico

Did you know that Mexico is home to some fascinating pyramids? Apart from the stunning coasts, oceans and deserts, many people travel from near and far to see the pyramids in Mexico. Discover the country’s natural landscapes and rich wildlife with this oBook from Teacher Created Materials.

Welcome to the Caribbean

Welcome to the Caribbean

Find out why the Caribbean is a paradise for many tourists and residents around the world and explore the wonders that the islands have to offer. From the diversity of sea creatures to the stunning oceans, there’s always more to discover in the Caribbean.

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