Covering the Maltese history curriculum with oBooks

At Octavo, we believe teachers and students should be able to find the content that works for them. For both of them. Over the last months, the History Teachers’ Association Publication, included oBooks in the Octavo store which cover the Maltese history curriculum for both grades 7 (Investigating the History of Malta – Year 7) and 8 (Investigating the History of Malta – Year 8). These oBooks cover Maltese history from prehistory through to the Knights of Malta.

For easier reference, the Maltese history collection of the Octavo Store groups all the oBooks relevant for History teachers in Malta.

These books have been translated into English to cater for English speaking students and are being offered exclusively in oBook format on Octavo. The books can be bought directly on the Octavo Store or through your school.

The oBook uses a smart layout where content is displayed according to the reader’s age and device; this caters to mature and young readers and readers with dyslexia. Providing great features such as custom fonts, colors and backgrounds, built-in dictionary, note taking capabilities and a one-stop shop platform for educators.

Currently, the price of each is €12 per individual oBook. However schools can benefit of reduced prices by acquiring a license which costs €5 per user when bought for more than 50 users, or €10 otherwise. If you are interested on the licensing option, just write to and we will follow up to get you set up in no time.

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